This Thursday, September 8, an official press release from Buckingham announced the death of Elizabeth II at the venerable age of 96. The following day, the royal family announced that they would mourn until the seventh day after the funeral of the sovereign. That same day, 96 guns were fired in Hyde Park to honor the memory of the one William and Harry affectionately nicknamed “mama”. The Duke of Sussex was traveling in Europe with his wife Meghan when his grandmother died. The couple made a detour through Manchester and Düsseldorf, Germany, before returning to London where William was to deliver a speech at the WellChild awards last Thursday. An event in which he did not participate to rush to the bedside of Elizabeth II in the Scottish castle of Balmoral. Meghan had remained in London. King Charles III would have asked his son not to bring it with him.

The Sussexes reportedly have no plans to return to their California home at least until Elizabeth II’s state funeral scheduled at Westminster Abbey on Monday, September 19. According to HELLO, William and Meghan are considering bringing their children Archie and Lilibet to England to attend the ceremony. The Duchess of Sussex would thus travel across the Atlantic to reunite the entire family. “They obviously want to be present for the queen and pay tribute to her,” comments British journalist Emily Nash. “One of the most painful moments in [Harry and William’s] life happened while they were on holiday at Balmoral and it will not have escaped them when they returned there to be at the bedside of the queen. “Nash is obviously referring to the tragic disappearance of Lady Di, which occurred in Paris on August 31, 1997, far from her two sons. Harry would have learned of the death of his grandmother on the plane which took him to Scotland from Windsor.

Archie and Lilibet become prince and princess after the death of Queen Elizabeth II

With the death of their great-grandmother, a new chapter is being written in the life of Archie and Lilibet, who also owes her first name to the nickname with which Elizabeth II was decked out. The children of Harry and Meghan indeed receive their first title of nobility, thus becoming prince and princess, as stipulated in the protocol established by the letter patent of King George V dated 1917. What throw oil on the fire when We remember that last year Meghan confided in Oprah Winfrey her “pain” when she thought that her son, then untitled, could not claim any police protection. The Duchess of Sussex even accused the British royal family of racism because she could not stand a “colored member” in her midst. Now is the time for calm. In his first royal speech this Friday, September 9, Charles III wanted to express his love to Harry and Meghan: “May they continue to build their lives abroad”…

Meghan and Harry: their children repatriated from the United States for the Queen's funeral?

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