Meghan and Harry: Skippy, a spurned friend of the couple, delivers a damning testimony

It is not only with the royal family that the rupture is made. Since his official departure from the United Kingdom, Prince Harry has struggled to maintain his relations with his father, Prince Charles, his brother, Prince William, but also with his oldest friends. In the Finding Freedom biography published on August 11, 2020, Tom Inskip, a friend of the Duke of Sussex since their meeting in 1998 at Eton College, London, revealed to have been removed from Prince Harry’s life upon his marriage to Meghan Markle , May 19, 2018. That day, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex said yes to St. George’s Chapel in Windsor in front of 600 guests, including Tom Inskip, nicknamed Skippy. They then continued the celebrations at a private reception at Frogmore House, to which Skippy and his wife were not invited.

Of course, it was impossible for the couple to invite all of the people present to the chapel. But what did not please Tom Inskip was that some of the guests were not even from the inner circle of the Sussexes, unlike him. Indeed, George and Amal Clooney had notably received an invitation to the reception, which proved, according to Skippy, that Harry was drawing a line on his oldest acquaintances in favor of his new Hollywood connections. During a brunch held the day after the wedding, Inskip would have declared, as Finding Freedom relates: “Meghan has changed Harry too much. We have lost him”.

“Meghan has changed Harry too much. We have lost him”

And he is not the only one to have noticed this change in Prince Charles’ son. In an interview with journalist Rachel Johnson, Carolyn Bartholomew, one of three women who lived with Lady Diana before her marriage to Prince Charles, revealed the underside of a conversation she allegedly had with the Cloones on the day. marriage. In the minutes before the ceremony in Windsor, it is said to have questioned George and Amal Clooney about their links with the bride and groom. The latter would then have replied: “We do not know them”. So certainly, Meghan and Harry have become very close to the Clooney since their arrival in Los Angeles, but the pill is far from over for the British acquaintances of Archie’s father.

Tom Inskip and Lara Inskip © Agence

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