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Meghan and Harry sign with Netflix: why they lobbied to remove a program from the platform

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle land … on Netflix. A few months after leaving the ranks of the British royal family to settle in Los Angeles, and with their future looking uncertain, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have struck a blow. A few days ago, Archie’s parents signed a hefty contract with the platform. In effect, they agreed to a deal worth $ 100 million to produce documentaries and films that will air on Netflix. But, while they have given up their leading roles with Elizabeth II, their involvement will still be judged by Buckingham. “It goes without saying that any deals they make will be reviewed by the royal household,” a palace source told the British tabloids. In the terms of their agreement to relinquish royal duties, they agreed that any trade deal would be subject to discussion. ”

Concretely for their future, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will need the opinion of the Crown for “this agreement with Netflix” as “their speeches or any other business work”. Before agreeing to this deal, the Sussexes even lobbied the streaming giant for a program to be removed from the platform: a musical dedicated to Princess Diana. The former bodyguard of the Princess of Hearts, Ken Wharfe, has called on Prince Harry to try to change Netflix’s mind on this “heinous” project. “If we are to believe the critics, this musical story is not a happy journey of love with a happy ending but an episodic tale of untruths, scandal and sex, he was annoyed with the Sun. Harry loved his mother deeply and spoke about her so fondly recently, so he should express his aversion to such a musical and call Netflix to account. ”

Meghan and Harry promise ‘content creation that informs’

It must be said that among Lady Di fans, this future program causes a scandal because it depicts the broken relationship between the Princess and Queen Elizabeth II, as well as other high-ranking members of the family. But despite the controversy that surrounds it and the presence of the Sussexes, the platform wishes for the moment to continue filming in a New York cinema, with a worldwide release proposed next year. In a statement, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry did not mention this documentary but preferred to focus on their agreement with Netflix: “Through our work carried out with various communities and their environments, to shed a light on people and on causes across the world, our focus will be on creating content that informs but also gives hope. ”

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