Meghan and Harry: Elizabeth II refuses to sign the palace’s response to their shock interview

No comment for Elizabeth II. The day after the broadcast on CBS of the interview with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, the British discovered on their televisions this interview conducted by Oprah Winfrey, in which the Sussex couple does not mince words, and denounces the inaction of Windsor in the face of repeated attacks against them, including the racist remarks of which the Duchess was the victim, as well as the lies spread in the press by the royal palace. A real blow to the royal family, who did not wish to react to this interview, in particular the queen, who refused to sign any press release in reaction to this interview.

According to the Daily Mail, the time is right now for “horror and dismay” at Buckingham Palace, as a few indiscreet people described “intense personal shock” and “sadness”. However, a statement would have been prepared by the palace, and should not be unveiled until after a “careful examination of the situation” in order to prevent “the tensions from worsening even more”. Prince Harry is accused of having “pressed the nuclear button on his own family”, reports the tabloid, making many revelations, in particular on these conversations heard and during which some members of the palace were worried about the skin color of his son Archie, but also of his more strained relations than ever with his father Charles and his brother William.

Charles and William summoned by Elizabeth II

“Mad with grief” after the revelations of Prince Harry, the two crown princes for their part were summoned by Elizabeth II after the broadcast of this interview for a crisis meeting. Accused by the Duke of Sussex of not having come to his aid when he and his wife were in turmoil, especially in the face of the press, Princes Charles and William however decided to “take a step back” to examine how the Relations with the couple may have deteriorated as well over the months. “There will always be a desire to mend relationships, even if they are quite broken,” said a source.

Elizabeth II with Meghan and Harry © Agency

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