Meghan and Harry: big blow for the musician prodigy of their marriage

The 22-year-old musician Sheku Kanneh-Mason is no stranger, he was born and raised in Nottingham. Aiming for an international career after his success at Meghan and Harry’s wedding, the young man applied for an additional passport from the Home Office. Due to “human error” his original passport was returned to him marked “canceled”.

Sheku Kanneh-Mason can not believe it since his original passport does not expire until 2029. The young cellist asked for explanations in connection with the cancellation of his passport from Priti Patel and the Ministry of the Interior . According to his statement to the Mirror, “he had no explanation as to why it was canceled and received no response when he tried to contact the Home Office.”

The height of the story is that his sister Isata Kanneh-Mason took the same step as him. Unlike Sheku Kanneh-Mason, his sister did receive the original and the additional passport. In this regard, he said: “She receives the original passport and the second in the week. Mine returns canceled on June 10”.

“We have now issued him a replacement passport.”

Sheku Kanneh-Mason spoke about the fact that he always called Home Office but no response was given. “I have NO explanation, NO future assistance and NO way to meet the commitments I have made,” he said. Eventually, a Home Office spokesperson apologized to Mr Kanneh-Mason and said he was delivered a replacement passport. According to the Home Office, contacted by the Mirror, the cancellation was due to human error.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle © Backgrid USA

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