Meghan and Harry: an unseen photo of little Archie posted discreetly on social networks

Little Archie has grown up, photo to prove it! This Friday, March 5, the producer and director Silver Tree, close friend of Meghan Markle, posted on her Instagram account an adorable photo of the son of the spouses from Sussex. Little Archie Moutbatten appears there dressed in a pretty little striped sweater, obviously very busy “reading” a children’s book. In the background, the Duchess of Sussex also makes an appearance. With a smile on her face, she seems to be enjoying what is akin to a simple moment with friends.

In that same post, Silver Tree paid tribute to her friend, whose wedding she attended in May 2019. “It’s Meg. A real person, not a cover subject. She’s one of my closest friends. Like all her friends, I love her madly “, wrote the director in the caption of the photo. “She’s the kind of friend who insists on knowing every detail of your life, your day, your children’s lives, your children’s days, before talking about hers. Always before hers. .) When we learned of my son’s terrifying diagnosis, she was the friend who stopped everything and organized everything so we could get through it. (…) She is the friend who shares it all. her secrets with you, because even though she has every reason to build walls around her heart, it remains as open as it always has been. “

The Duchess of Sussex at the heart of the controversy

Particularly touching, this statement comes as Meghan Markle is targeted, across the Channel, by a complaint from Jason Knauf, her former communications secretary. He accuses the Duchess of Sussex of moral harassment and has the support of other former employees of Meghan Markle, who for their part denounce the “unacceptable behavior” and “humiliating” of the Duchess when she still lived in the United Kingdom- United. For her part, Meghan denies all the accusations made against her and considers herself the target of a disinformation campaign led by the royal family. An investigation has been opened by Buckingham Palace.

Prince Harry, Meghan Markle and Archie © Backgrid USA

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