Megan Fox insulted: she reveals the harassment of which she is the victim

When something displeases them, Internet users are not the type to go out of hand to express dissatisfaction. This time, it is Megan Fox who is the target of many criticisms and insults. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, the actress said, “People are happy to call me stupid, superficial or even dirty for whatever reason, which is crazy. I’m the same person. that for the last 15 years you know? “.

Indeed, since her separation from Brian Austin Green and the formalization of her new relationship with Machine Gun Kelly, Megan Fox has been taken to task by many people who disapprove of her new love affair. And for good reason, the singer and the sulphurous brunette do not stop making declarations of love through Instagram interposed and this had even made Brian Austin Green react. But hey … The heart has its reasons that reason ignores and Megan Fox is more in love than ever. In an interview with the Give Them Lala … With Randall podcast, the Transformers star said Machine Gun Kelly was her soul mate.

Megan Fox during confinement

“It’s strange, this image that is attributed to me and that people have assimilated for ten years … I have never done anything to deserve this.”, Added the actress of 34 years to Entertainment Tonight before explaining that this period of confinement has helped him a lot to focus on his own well-being. “My life changed so much in my 40s. It’s crazy. I’m not someone who responds well to authority or accepts restrictions, so it was very difficult for me. It taught me to be patient and honestly, I had to take it upon myself, “she added before continuing on the subject of Covid-19,” this is something I couldn’t fight against. I had to give up arms and trust the universe “.

Megan Fox in Berlin © JLPPA

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