Since her revelation to the general public thanks to the film Transformers in 2007, Megan Fox has never stopped turning heads. However, the one that FHM magazine voted Sexiest Woman in the World in 2009, and who has long been considered by the public and the media as a sex symbol, does not see herself as such. On the one hand, the actress explains that she had to do a long work of introspection to have the necessary distance in the face of the sexualization to which she is the subject in the media and in the cinema. “I did a lot of work to get rid of that feeling of being a victim and to understand that it was a lesson,” says Megan Fox. Despite all this craze around her plastic, the actress has a hard time sharing the opinion of her fans about her. Suffering from dysmorphophobia, – a disorder in which the subject is tormented by one or more parts of their body that they find unsightly, in an exaggerated way and without necessary basis – the star confided to have many complexes about his physical appearance. “I have many and deep insecurities. Sometimes we think that a person is beautiful, that life is easy for them. But this person probably does not see things the same way”, bluntly Megan Fox . According to the health site MSD, dysmorphophobia affects about 2 to 3% of the population, mainly women.

Megan Fox, crazy in love with Machine Gun Kelly

In a relationship with the singer since 2020, Megan Fox enjoys sharing her love story on social networks. The one who confided a few months ago rather torrid details of her sex life with Machine Gun Kelly, recently posted the photos of a very hot shoot with her companion, precisely carried out by GQ Style on the sidelines of her interview.

Megan Fox © PacificPressAgency

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