Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly have been engaged for several months now. Note that the couple’s engagement was announced with great fanfare on social networks in January 2022. Note that the couple met about a year before the marriage proposal. The latter was made exactly on January 11, 2022 in a hotel in Puerto Rico. The actress shared the news on her Instagram account.

“In July 2020, we sat under this banyan tree. We were oblivious to the pain we were going to have to face together in such a short and frantic time,” she began her message. “Unaware of the work and sacrifices this relationship would require of us, but intoxicated by love. And karma. Somehow, a year and a half later, after going through hell together and having laughed more than I ever imagined, he asked me to marry him,” she continued. “And just like in every lifetime before this, and like in every lifetime after this, I said yes. And then we drank each other’s blood,” the actress concludes.

A shadow hangs over the couple’s love affair

If the marriage of the singer and the actress is not for very long, an icy wind seems to be blowing in the direction of this torrid story. Indeed, on Sunday April 10, the couple was present at the Daily Front Row Awards ceremony. A video showed an awkward situation before the two stars appeared on the red carpet.

In the video, Machine Gun Kelly can be seen “attempting to kiss Megan Fox on the neck,” Elle reports. Only, the latter prevents him by stepping back and remains cold in the face of his advances. Thereafter, she goes to the photographers for a few shots while on the other side of the table, the singer is content with the company of his glass of champagne. A scene which visibly testifies to a tension in the couple. Only, is it temporary or is it serious? To be continued….

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