Maxima and Willem-Alexander from the Netherlands showed their best smiles on Tuesday, February 22. The sovereigns posed alongside Dutch medal-winning athletes from the Beijing Winter Olympics. You can see from the photos taken on the doorstep of the Noordeinde Palace that everyone is in a good mood. The athletes, Queen Maxima of the Netherlands, 50, and King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands, 54, can’t help but smile brightly. Indeed, there is something to be proud of since the Dutch athletes brought home 17 medals.

They were 41 skaters to have participated in the Beijing Winter Olympics. However, the Netherlands finish in 6th position given the number of medals collected, indicates Paris Match. The Dutch team has won eight gold medals on the ice. Also in speed skating, the team won five more silver medals. In short track speed skating, the Dutch won three bronze medals. Another bronze medal in skeleton completes these sixteen medals, specifies Paris Match.

Queen Maxima and King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands received the medalists at Noordeinde Palace

The royal couple are proud of the performance of the Dutch athletes. To congratulate them, Queen Maxima of the Netherlands, 50, and King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands, 54, received the Beijing Winter Olympics medalists at Noordeinde Palace. An opportunity for Queen Maxima of the Netherlands to release another cape coat. This February 22 event has been planned by sovereigns since Sunday, February 20. Proud of the Dutch athletes at the Beijing Winter Olympics, the King and Queen of the Netherlands have already expressed themselves on Instagram. “What a wonderful performance by our #TeamNL in difficult conditions! We are very proud of all the participants and look forward to welcoming the medal winners in speed skating, short-track and skeleton to Noordeinde Palace”, perhaps we read on the social network.

King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima of the Netherlands © Dana Press

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