Queen Maxima of the Netherlands was seen at the Stedelijk Musuem in Amsterdam. Despite the particularly drizzly weather, the queen displayed her usual radiant expression. This time around, she went for a very colorful ensemble dominated by cyan and bright red. King Willem-Alexander’s wife opted for a loose skirt from the Spring Summer 2017 Collection by Claes Iversen. The skirt dazzles with its floral patterns in red and pink as well as a few touches of purple and yellow. The Queen of the Netherlands has chosen to stay in the theme of warm colors to accessorize her daring outfit.

She did not hesitate to wear a red beret while leaving streaks of her beautiful blonde hair clearly visible. The 50-year-old Dutch queen did not go hand in hand with the color red, she opted for a pair of red gloves as well. Finally, it is impossible to take your eyes off her red clutch and her pretty garnet heels. All this explosion of colors goes perfectly with the cyan of her sweater and the transparent white of the bottom of her beautiful skirt. Very smiling and in a good mood, the queen feels at ease under the shelter of a white umbrella held out by her bodyguard.

Queen Maxima of the Netherlands still wears a wrist brace

The Queen of the Netherlands has been wearing this white splint on her right wrist for some time. By the way, that’s probably why she only wears her bright red glove on her left hand. To complete her look on this slightly spoiled day, the Queen opted for a bold red lipstick as well. All of this against a relatively subtle makeup background with a little mascara. Queen Maxima dressed and made up in this way to attend the event marking the 50th anniversary of the Kwadraat Fund. According to the Daily Mail, “The Kwadraat Fund was established 50 years ago, in 1971, and aims to fund artistic projects by providing interest-free loans to artists.”

Queen Maxima of the Netherlands © Royalportraits Europe

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