As we know, Maxima from the Netherlands loves flowers as she showed with her recent head-to-toe floral outfit. Maxima from the Netherlands is on a three-day visit to Germany with her husband King Willem-Alexander. If we often see the latter in an elegant suit, tie or classic bow, the queen’s side is quite a show. Just last Tuesday, Queen Maxima of the Netherlands opted for a hat of rare exuberance for her official release.

To showcase her beautiful blonde mane, the Queen of the Netherlands recycled one of her most beautiful dresses. It’s about this beige dress from Maison Natan. We can’t fault her for choosing this gorgeous, elegant midi dress with the tulip bottom. The dress goes perfectly with the slightly tanned shade of her skin. Queen Maxima opted for pumps, gloves and a brown clutch in perfect harmony with her dress.

“His large flowered hat then went unnoticed in the midst of all the colorful headgear”

As on the occasion of her recent 50th birthday, the queen knew how to choose her outfit with perfection. But all this genius goes almost unnoticed because of his huge, extremely floral hat. However, this is far from the first time that we have seen the wife of King Williem-Alexander appear with this big hat which hides half of her face.

When she first took this hat off, it wasn’t quite as noticeable. His large feather hat signed Berry Rutjes was drowned in the middle of a multitude of other royal hats all as “offbeat” as each other. On the occasion of Royal Ascot 2019, Queen Maxima of the Netherlands wore this same exuberant, very floral hat alongside Elizabeth II.

Queen Maxima of the Netherlands © Dana Press

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