Queen Maxima continues the official outings planned by her busy agenda. On Friday, November 5, the Queen of the Netherlands attended the inauguration of the new offices of AFAS Software. This technology company has dedicated 80% of its space to the well-being of its employees. The Queen dazzled fans and photographers with her green midi dress, hat and velvet bag. In addition, she gave some beautiful smiles to the photographers. The Queen of the Netherlands also took the time to tour the offices and chat with some of the company’s executives.

What moved everyone was the embrace between the queen and one of her most loyal fans. Josée, a 70-year-old woman, is an amateur photographer. For years, Josée has followed Queen Maxima across the country to photograph her and to support her. According to Hello magazine, the septuagenarian has just been diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer. Josée received this bad news over the past week and announced it to Queen Maxima.

Queen Maxima of the Netherlands gives affectionate gesture to her most loyal fan

“I will miss you” she told Josée according to Hola magazine! “During this sweet moment, both were moved, Maxima with tears in her eyes,” says the magazine. This affectionate and moving hug did not fail to mark the other fans of Queen Maxima. Some of them have expressed themselves on social media, hinting at the inner beauty of the Queen. “Very beautiful woman Máxima ….. From the outside and even more inside … what a beautiful moment for her most faithful fan”, we can read on a post. “How beautiful and moving, despite the people and the cameras around, a very personal moment. Many blessings to this lady,” wrote another fan.

Queen Maxima of the Netherlands © Dana Press

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