A colossal sum which really does not please everyone. While the Netherlands has prepared the state budget for the year 2021, they have made public a small detail that is already making a lot of talk: the royal endowment that Princess Catharina-Amalia will receive after her 18th birthday on December 7 . And this has just been set at 110,000 euros.

Of this sum, 91,000 euros will be reserved for operating costs, in particular for his royal commitments, while 20,000 euros will go directly to the daughter of Maxima of the Netherlands and King Willem-Alexander, specifies Point de vue, on newsstands Wednesday 30 September. Enough to exasperate some deputies, but also the Dutch, especially in view of the current economic difficulties. And above all because the royal family of the Netherlands is not the most troubled monarchy in Europe.

A crown princess still very discreet

And that’s not all: if the 110,000 euros will be allocated to him the day after his birthday, the change in his status caused by his majority will also increase the note. Indeed, Princess Catharina-Amalia should then receive a provisional sum of 282,000 euros and 1,305,000 euros for the operating costs linked to her status. What annoy the Dutch, who in the view of the discretion of the princess do not manage to justify such a sum.

Indeed, since her childhood, the princess has appeared only a few times alongside her parents, especially during the Fête de la Nation. But out of there, Maxima’s daughter from the Netherlands has never made an official engagement alone, or even with her parents. King Willem-Alexander should therefore perhaps have opted for the same solution as King Philippe of Belgium, who decided not to apply for a royal endowment for his daughter, Crown Princess Elisabeth, until the latter will have completed her studies and will undertake royal obligations.

Maxima of the Netherlands and her daughter Princess Catharina-Amalia © Royalportraits Europe

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