Queen Maxima of the Netherlands was inspired by Frida Kahlo with her outfit for the opening of the exhibition dedicated to the Mexican painter. It is in a blue and pink floral headdress that the queen presented herself at the Viva la Frida exhibition! The life and art of Frida Kahlo, at the Drents museum in Assen. Frida Kahlo was a fashion icon. She stood out especially by the choice of her accessories for her outfits. She was particularly fond of ribbons, loose skirts, voluminous jewelry, large peasant blouses … anything that caught the eye.

For the occasion, Queen Maxima, 50, chose to wear a fuchsia long-sleeved top. She paired it with a white satin skirt adorned with purple and orange colors. As an accessory: a bouquet of purple flowers! It is exactly in the philosophy of Kahlo that the queen is imbued. She had paired this look in pure Kahlo style with chunky purple earrings as well as gold and silver bracelets. The monarch had slicked her blonde hair back with a low, sleek bun. For makeup, a touch of bronze and light and a dark smoky look and just eyeliner.

Everything will be dedicated to Kahlo

During the exhibition, Maxima from the Netherlands always wore a splint on her right hand. An obligation following an injury she suffered during the summer earning her a fracture. This special exhibition brought together 2 large collections of the Frida Kahlo Museum for the first time, the Museo Dolores Olmedo and the Museo Frida Kahlo.

The queen is a fan of the painter. Moreover, she had attended the world premiere of Frida at the Dutch National Opera & Ballet in Amsterdam in February 2020. An inspiration to the story of the artist’s life. Recall that Frida Kahlo died in 1954. She was known as much for her colorful and disturbing self-portraits as her undisguised single-eyebrows as well as her tumultuous relationship with Diego Rivera.

Queen Maxima of the Netherlands © Dana Press

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