The Queen of the Netherlands is a real benchmark in royal sartorial fashion. During her last outing on December 15, Queen Maxima was particularly stylish and elegant. Maxima toured a few cafes and restaurants located in Geertruidenberg. Maxima from the Netherlands spoke to the owners of these cafes and catering businesses about the impact of Covid-19 on them. “The Netherlands has recorded 16,000 new cases of coronavirus per day on average,” according to the Daily Mail. The queen started her visit at the Huis ten Bos cafe where she had a drink. She moved on to another restaurant business next door before ending her visit at the Fort St. Gertrudis restaurant.

To get to some of the places she visited, Queen Maxima had to show her Covid pass. As it is cool in the Netherlands now, the Queen has chosen to put on a remarkably elegant winter outfit. The Queen chose a brown houndstooth print skirt suit. The coffee color of this Natan-branded suit goes perfectly with the beautiful blondness of her hair and the gold of her bracelet and ring. For the rest, the queen accessorized her elegant look with black apart from her long dark blue cape.

Queen Maxima of the Netherlands looks elegant with her black leather accessories

To flaunt the perfect winter outfit, the mother-of-three opted for knee-high boots. When she is outside, she wears black leather gloves that match a black leather clutch. With her blonde hair down and combed behind her head, Maxima from the Netherlands shows off black earrings. To display a glowing face, King Willem-Alexander’s wife used a little bronzer. She also opted for a dash of eyeliner and a discreet pink lipstick.

Queen Maxima of the Netherlands © Dana Press

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