Máxima from the Netherlands: her super flashy dress for her last outing

The Queen took part in the awards ceremony for deserving voluntary associations in a ceremony held at Noordeinde Palace. As with last year, she opted for a gorgeous outfit that once again proves how refined she has a taste in clothing. It is in a flashy sky blue dress that she appeared accompanied by King Willem-Alexander.

It is a dress with a wide collar revealing its neck and a small V of its chest. The mid-length sleeves of the dress stop in the hollow of the forearm, leaving accessible a magnificent watch and a subtle bracelet. The dress features a wide belt with a square buckle in the same color as the fabric.

Queen Máxima is simply sublime in this dress which matches her earrings. Moreover, the royal couple chose to match their outfit on the occasion of this ceremony. It shows King Willem-Alexander, smiling and displaying a three-day-old beard, wearing a costume that draws towards light midnight blue.

“A bronze statuette, designed by Princess Beatrix”

As usual, the royal Dutch foundation Oranje Fonds rewards social initiatives. Three initiatives working in the mental health sector were honored to receive the famous “bronze statuette, designed by Princess Beatrix” this year. The statuette is completed with a cash prize of 15,000 euros.

“Ixta Noa, the Self-Management Center for Services to Friends and the Education Care Saba Center of Expertise” are the lucky winners of this 2021 awards ceremony. The Queen did not fail to announce during the ceremony that a new initiative, still in the field of mental health, will be launched shortly.

Queen Maxima © Dana Press

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