Queen Maxima and King Willem-Alexander were visiting Germany where the couple were awarded the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany. At the state dinner, Maxima from the Netherlands pleasantly surprised us by bringing out the Stuart tiara. This time around, she chose to wear the grandiose tiara without her large central pink diamond.

Sparkling and beautifully adorned, Maxima of the Netherlands was truly a queen with all the jewels. We see her all smiles with the tiara on her beautiful blonde hair. Large earrings hanging from her ears in keeping with the stones of the tiara. On her neck, she chose to wear a diamond river necklace well exposed by her collarless and sleeveless dress.

That’s not all, on his right wrist was a magnificent bracelet from the Dutch East Indies. On the other wrist, the queen chose to put on another equally sparkling bracelet. And to complete her accessories, Maxima from the Netherlands did not forget to choose a sublime golden clutch. The choice of this color is not at all trivial, since this gold color goes hand in hand with her hair. In addition, her beautiful Jan Taminiau dress with embroidered relief flowers is decorated by crisscross lianas with golden leaves.

“The tiara is recognizable by this unusual cut diamond”

Even though Queen Maxima has worn the Stuart tiara on several occasions in its light version, the jewel remains very impressive. It is, however, useful to remember that this tiara once belonged to Mary II of England. It features a “large pear-shaped rose cut diamond is 39.75 carats and has a slightly bluish color”.

This is a tiara that is charged with the history of England at the time of the co-reign of William II, Prince of Orange, and Queen Mary II of England. The large diamond of the diadem was returned to the family of William II on the latter’s death in 1702.

Queen Maxima of the Netherlands © Dana Press

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