Maxima from the Netherlands barefoot in pants: that chic trucker look she flaunted for her last outing

Queen Maxima of the Netherlands visited workers in the transport sector recently. Her visit was particularly focused on women working in this sector. King Willem-Alexander’s wife took an interest in transport professionals, but also in their work machinery. It was on this occasion, July 14, that we saw Queen Maxima at the wheel of a heavyweight. She had to take off her wedge sandals to really feel the feel of the pedals of a big DAF truck.

The queen opted for a rather casual chic outfit for this day of visit to transport and logistics professionals. She appeared with a beautiful white top from Natan with a very large bow on the right shoulder. She made it simple for the bottom with more or less ventilated blue pants. Attached to her feet are “wedge sandals with rope soles from Jimmy Choo”, according to expert Josine Droogendijk.

“The shortage of female truck drivers was in part due to prejudice”

During her visit, the Queen spoke with several women from various transport professions. The real reason for his visit is the problem of the lack of women in the transport sector. We see the queen approaching several women in the area. It was during her interviews that she learned that the “shortage of female truck drivers was in part due to the prejudices that exist around the profession of truck driver”.

Queen Maxima has noticed that more and more employers are starting to hire women as truck drivers. She was able to speak with several young women in full training for the trade. Radiant, the queen is very attentive in the midst of these women in blue work clothes. We also see her all smiles at a trainee who demonstrates how to drive a forklift.

Queen Maxima of the Netherlands © Royalportraits Europe

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