Queen Maxima of the Netherlands is actively continuing to fulfill her commitments this year. Queen Maxima, 50, is known for her particular interest in young people. On Tuesday January 25, the Queen of the Netherlands came to meet young people in difficulty. King Willem-Alexander’s wife visited the Vereniging Eigen Huis (VEH) in Amersfoort. The Vereniging Eigen Huis is an association operating in the field of access to property. It helps people experiencing difficulties in acquiring or finding housing.

The Netherlands is facing a certain housing crisis, according to Royal Histories. “The housing shortage affects first-time buyers, the elderly, as well as tenants and buyers,” confirms the magazine. The role of the association is to help first-time buyers acquire their first property. Among other things, the organization provides members of the association with a team of specialists. Founded in 1974, the VEH association currently has 802,000 members, according to Histoires Royales. Some members of the association were able to explain their difficulties to Queen Maxima.

The price of accommodation is too expensive in the Netherlands, learned Queen Maxima

For first-time buyers, it is above all the price of real estate the first blockage. “It is increasingly difficult to become a homeowner, because of market inflation,” reports Histoires Royales. A 30-year-old was able to tell her experience to Queen Maxima of the Netherlands. She had to go back to live with her parents because she couldn’t afford housing. The elderly are also among those most affected by the housing crisis. During her discussions with three elderly people, Queen Maxima of the Netherlands discovered that the latter live in a dwelling that is too big for them. However, moving to a smaller dwelling would cost them too much, they explained.

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