Matthieu Chedid released a new album on June 3, called Rêvalité. On this occasion, M was present in the program En aparté on Canal +, this Monday, June 13. The singer then confided with great tenderness in his daughter, Billie, born in 2003, the fruit of his love affair with Céline Barry. Daughter of a great artist and granddaughter of Louis Chedid, the young woman did not suffer from the label of “daughter of” that could easily have been stuck on her. “She has a real ease in music and a pretty impressive personality. She has a maturity that means she’s not at all obsessed and obsessive with it,” explains this caring dad.

And one thing is certain, Billie is indeed the worthy descendant of the Chedids. Indeed, the young woman wants to get into music: “She is in a jazz school. She is learning harmony. She is really perfecting herself, but in a way she has a detachment and she takes her time”. Happy to see his daughter flourish in the world of music, Matthieu Chedid is confident in the future: “I don’t worry about her, she is charting her course in a very intelligent way”. Pretty confidences for this father of three children.

M, proud of his daughter Billie

This isn’t the first time M has spoken of his pride in having a daughter like Billie. Indeed, during his appearance in C à vous, in June 2021, the singer had been very moved to see his daughter, still a child, sing a melody: “It’s true that seeing your child be born, and that look like that where everything is inscribed. There is a kind of intuitive intelligence, it’s little Buddhas directly. And then, she inspires me and she protects me a lot. She’s one of my muses”. Touching words.

Matthieu Chedid © Canal+


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