A controversial conversation. TikTok is a social network on which users, of all ages, post funny videos or just anecdotes from their everyday life. This is the case Kate Haralson, now 20 years old. A few days ago, the young woman wrote: “When you match with Matthew Perry to joke on a dating app and he calls you on FaceTime and plays 20 questions with you”. Faced with the curiosity of her subscribers, she did not hesitate to give details, indicating that she had met the actor on Raya, a paid dating application and acclaimed by many personalities, in May 2020. As on all platforms of this kind, it is necessary that two people “match” (note: users must like each other’s profile) to be able to communicate, which was the case between Kate Haralson and Matthew Perry. “I have already met other stars on the application but I had never spoken to older boys,” she says first before specifying that she “recognized Matthew Perry even though I had never really watched Friends. I just thought chatting with him would be funny, “she concludes.

A simple conversation. Kate Haralson then recounts that Matthew Perry allegedly “offered her a Facetime conversation” almost immediately after they had matched. During it, the actor “asked her about twenty questions so that we could get to know each other”, she adds before asserting that they had “no sexual connotation”. Although she lent herself to the game, in an interview with Page Six a few days later, the young woman admitted to having been uncomfortable. “It felt a little weird talking to someone my dad’s age and it didn’t sound right, especially because he knew how young I was,” she says. According to his words, the 51-year-old actor asked him if he was “as old as his father”, to which Kate Haralson told him he was a year older than him. An answer that did not prevent Matthew Perry from continuing the conversation since he would have offered to “do a Covid test one day and come to his home”, she recalls. An invitation to which she did not wish to follow up.

A video subsequently deleted

The publication of Kate Haralson quickly caused controversy especially because of the age difference of the two protagonists. During an interview with Page Six, the young woman assured to have “never really intended to post this video”. She later deleted this video after saying she “feels bad because Matthew Perry is a nice guy,” she admits before adding: “But at the same time, I feel like a lot of ‘men in Hollywood talk to young girls, that’s something a lot of people should be aware of. Honestly, it’s not normal for these older guys to talk to such young girls, “she concluded. . Matthew Perry, who has been in a relationship with Molly Hurwitz since 2018 and engaged since November 2020, declined to comment on the subject.

Matthew Perry © Action Press

Matthew Perry © Action Press
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