Matthew McConaughey: Why hasn’t the comedian spoken to his mother for eight years?

For eight years, Matthew McConaughey no longer spoke to his mother. And for good reason, the latter had become obsessed with the fame of her son! Both guests on the set of Red Table Talk, the 51-year-old comedian explained, “My mom and I had a rough time for about eight years, but we healed it in 2004.” While many years have passed since, the star recalled: “As soon as I became ‘famous’ after A Time to Kill (film released in 1996, note), I started to have my weekly call on Sundays. at home to call my mother … “However, things had changed …” My mother was not answering the phone. A fan of my fame answered the phone, “explained the comedian.

Very happy that her son is interested in the media, Kay McConaughey then told in the press everything that her son taught her. Matthew McConaughey explained, “I was trying to find my own balance with celebrity and I was sharing things with her innocently – we can now laugh completely about it – but some of those things I was sharing could show up on the 6.30 p.m. news. days later … “The father of three said he was also shocked to find that his mother had allowed cameras to be filmed in the family home. And for good reason, the latter had shown her child’s room and shared family stories. The comedian revealed, “My mom was running the camera, ‘Here’s the bed where I caught him in action with Michelle, that’s okay because it didn’t last. And here’s the bathroom, I walked in and caught him doing you know what. ‘ I was like, ‘Holy shit, mom!’ ”

A long way to forgiveness

If Kay McConaughey wasn’t thinking badly, it made her son walk away. Matthew McConaughey explained, “I couldn’t talk to her as a mom for about eight years. There were years when I didn’t share things with her because I also found my own balance.” Over time, it is with poetry that the actor revealed that he had been able to grant her his forgiveness: “My boat was quite well built so I did not feel that she could sink it.” For her part, the star’s mother admitted to having “appreciated his fame more than him.”

Camila Alves, Matthew McConaughey, her mother Kay McConaughey and her brother Rooster McConaughey © © MCI / KCS PRESSE

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