On August 17, 1992, Matthew McConaughey lost his dad. Twenty years after the death of his dad, the actor has made revelations… to say the least surprising about the comical way in which he had lost his life. Guest of the WTF podcast with Marc Maron, he explained that James Donald McConaughey had died of epectasis. It was indeed during sex with his wife that the actor’s father breathed his last. “I later found out that when the ambulance came to pick him up from the house, my mother, in her nightgown that she had woken up in, hadn’t let them cover her body or her penis. he confided. She was screaming, ‘Uh-uh, I want the world to see why his nickname was Big Jim, don’t cover it up’.”

In his biography, Matthew McConaughey already evoked the astonishing death of his dad and returned to the moment when he learned the terrible news. “I got a call from my mom. ‘Your dad is dead’. My knees gave out. I couldn’t believe it. It was my dad, wrote the 53-year-old actor. No one or nothing could tell him. kill. Except mom. He always told me and my brothers, ‘Boys, when I leave, I’ll have sex with your mom’.” Devastated, the actor mourned, telling himself that his dad had had the death he had dreamed of since he “had a heart attack when he reached orgasm”. Matthew McConaughey’s father, James, and mother Kay had a tumultuous relationship and a rocky marriage.

Matthew McConaughey: ‘You daddy, you taught me how to be a man’

The actor’s parents have indeed divorced and married several times throughout their lives. “Those moments were so quickly replaced by love and humanity,” said Matthew McConaughey, who described his parents as “sometimes violent”. Very open on the subject, the mother of the actor was also returned to the last moments of her husband. “My husband died making love to me and I remember saying, when he fell on me, ‘What is it, big guy? Am I wearing you out?’ No answer, no answer, and I was like, “Oh my god, something’s wrong!” Kay said. She immediately ran into the street to ask the neighborhoods to call the emergency services.

Since the death of her husband, the actor’s mother has not found love. In 2020, Matthew McConaughey however tried to make him meet … the widowed father of his friend Hugh Grant. If he is no longer of this world, the businessman and ex-footballer is still anchored in the heart of the star of Interstellar. In 2014, when he received the Oscar for best actor for his role in Dallas Buyers Club, Matthew McConaughey paid a touching tribute to his late father: “To my father who, I know, is up there at the moment with a big jar of okra he’s got a big lemon meringue pie up there He’s probably in his underwear and has a big box of Miller Lite and he’s dancing right now Over to you daddy you taught me to be a man.”

Matthew McConaughey reveals the cause of his father's death, and it's very naughty

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