Matthew McConaughey: his touching secrets about his relationship with his wife

Matthew McConaughey is a man madly in love. Before meeting the one who would become his wife and the mother of his children, the actor was not sure to find one day a woman who corresponded to him. It was not, however, for lack of trying! While he considers having sought too much love, it was during an interview with People that the star explained that he had decided to stop his approach: “I said to myself: ‘Wait , wait. Be yourself. She’ll come if she’s supposed to come. And if she doesn’t, it’s okay, you’re still a good man, McConaughey. ‘”Luckily, that’s when he lowered the guard that he met Camila Alves: “That’s when she arrived, and she moved from side to side in front of my eyes across this club. It was like she was floating. And I didn’t say, ‘Who is this?’ I said, ‘What is this?’ And then I introduced myself. ”

Since their eyes met in 2006, the duo have never left each other. For People, Matthew McConaughey made touching confidences about his relationship with his wife: “Since tonight, I didn’t want to spend time with another woman, I certainly didn’t want to sleep with someone from other. I didn’t want to have children with someone other than her. We have a love that we never question. ” The actor and model who married in 2012 are parents of three children, Levi (12), Vida (10) and Livingston (8) with whom they share core values. “All three of them are very, very caring and kind individuals,” said the proud dad.

A couple on the same wavelength

If Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves are so happy and in love, it is also because they are on the same page about not sheltering their children from the outside world or their father’s fame. The comedian reveals, “We don’t want to isolate them too much from the world or the success that I have had as ‘Matthew McConaughey, actor, celebrity.’ We let them know that daddy’s fame doesn’t define daddy. Not at all, but is dad a celebrity? Yes. At the same time, we’re saying, ‘That’s not where our worth comes from.’ ” Instead, the star says he and his wife are making sure their three children know their worth comes from something much deeper!

Matthew McConaughey and his wife Camila Alves © STARMAX

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