A happy dad. In January 2020, Matt Pokora announced to his subscribers the birth of his first child, a little boy named Isaiah. Very quickly, the happy dad followed the publications in his company, especially on October 12th. In the photos shared by the singer, we could first see him sporting the Lakers jersey, of which he is a huge fan, and then with his family during a team match. On the last, little Isaiah wore a yellow bodysuit, in the colors of the team. An adorable publication that suggested that the dad would not hesitate to share his passion for basketball with his son later. It seems, however, that Matt Pokora did not wish to wait very long before doing so. Indeed, he shared a photo in his Instagram story this Thursday, May 13, which indicates that his son has already been introduced to basketball. “Isaiah loves to put the ball in the basket … But I’m going to have to explain to him that it’s not the right one!” He wrote. The basket evoked by Christina Milian’s companion? The toilet bowl. A stupidity of his son which seems to be recurring and which amuses Matt Pokora a lot.

He shares his happiness. On April 24, Matt Pokora and Christina Milian welcomed their second child, a little boy named Kenna. “24/4/2021 Welcome my son … Our little Kenna is doing well and his mom, once again, has been amazing. Everyone is in great shape,” the singer wrote in the caption of a post. Very discreet, the couple made the choice not to reveal the faces of their two boys. However, they do not hesitate to show their daily life in their company, including this Monday, May 10 when the whole family went to the swimming pool, a first outing in the water for Isaiah. A moment that Matt Pokora shared in a short video in his Instagram story. On it, we could see the happy dad, all smiles, holding his son who clung to him by moving his legs. “Someone’s first swimming lesson,” he wrote. On the Touche plateau not at my post last December, the 35-year-old singer spoke of his son’s education, saying that he will never grow up as a “privileged” and that he will be “brought up in the same way. than me. By being around all kinds of people, respecting everyone, no matter what they do for a living or where they come from. ” A way of life that he seems to instill in his children.

A first photo of her boys

One for each arm. A few days after the birth of his second child, Matt Pokora pleased his subscribers by revealing a photo of him with his two boys. “My boys and I,” he wrote in the caption of a post. In the photo, her son Isaiah could be seen in her arms and Kenna in a carrycot. The dad, masked since he is outside, seems to have a smile on his face. There is no doubt that the arrival of his second baby fills him with happiness.

Matt Pokora © Instagram

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