Matt Pokora: how much does a ticket cost for his virtual concert

With the global pandemic, artists, deprived of performance venues, had to reinvent themselves. There are several who bet on paid live streaming. This is the case of Matt Pokora who will give a concert live from the musical Seine in Paris this Tuesday, December 8 from 8:45 p.m.

To discover the singer’s show on the Inlivestream site or on the Apple TV platform, fans will have to pay € 24.99, an entrance fee that will allow them to go behind the scenes, before and after the concert, but also to choose among 4 camera angles and to exchange live, details an article of the Parisian. For € 49.99, Internet users can also get a collector’s t-shirt. “If we make people pay, it has to be big. This concert will be a unique experience for them, in immersion in boxes and on stage with me, promises Matt Pokora in the columns of daily life, there will be no audience, but I’m not worried about the energy. We’re already doing it on a TV set. ”

Matt Pokora: “I’m going to give the concert of my life.”

This concert should be the same as those that the young dad should have given in September during his visit to the Accor Arena, in Paris. “I’m going to give the concert of my life. We’ve fought so hard to put it on and we’ve accumulated so much frustration and envy over the past nine months that it’s going to be of tremendous physical and emotional intensity!” Pokora. On his twitter account, the singer said that nearly 40,000 people had bought their tickets.

Sunday, it is the singer Jenifer who, in turn, will give a concert by interposed screen.

Matt Pokora © LIONEL URMAN

Matt Pokora © LIONEL URMAN
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