A few months ago, Matt Pokora’s life was turned upside down by the arrival of his first child. On January 20, little Isaiah pointed the tip of his nose to the delight of his parents, and Violet, Christina Milian’s daughter. After suffering a hard blow due to the coronavirus pandemic and having been forced to end his tour, the singer has found a smile again. For a few days now, the little family has been enjoying a heavenly holiday in Mauritius. Faithful to their habits, the two artists also share many pictures of their holidays on the other side of the world. And this Saturday, October 24, Matt Pokora melted Internet users by sharing a rare snapshot of his son. We can see him with his feet in the white sand, facing the turquoise water, holding the little Isaiah on his chest.

At the beginning of October, Matt Pokora took over his Instagram account to explain to his fans the reason for this surprise trip. “My wife is shooting her new film for Netflix. We came to give her our support!”, Wrote the singer, delighted to be able to find Christina Milian. Since the birth of their son, the two artists have tried to reconcile their professional lives with their family life. “They follow me when I am on tour, after the end of the year holidays, often, we are there to be with the in-laws, then afterwards, she’s going to have a shoot, so I’m the one who will have to follow her in order to be able to spend time with my son, Matt Pokora confided to the cameras of 50 Minutes Inside a few weeks ago. It’s a balance that we have found which gives at the same time spice. to our life as a couple. ”

A couple in love as on the first day

Always so in love, Matt Pokora and Christina Milian never hesitate to make torrid declarations of love. Notably on September 26, on the occasion of their two birthdays. “It’s your birthday, so it’s mine. It’s mine, therefore it’s yours. Happy birthday, my queen! To us! Team 26.09. I love you”, wrote the singer then before let his sweetheart do the same: “I knew the second I saw you … that there was something different. Only to realize that this thing is alchemy between two people born on the same day. The stars have aligned. Happy Birthday to You and Me! I love you and all that we are together! ” Satisfied by their little Isaiah, the two lovers love each other more than ever and it’s beautiful to see!

Matt Pokora © Instagram

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