Since good news never comes alone … A few months after the birth of their baby Isaiah, Christina Milian and Matt Pokora announced great news: they will soon become parents again. On their respective Instagram accounts this Thursday, December 10, the two artists unveiled the round belly of Madame, who will give birth to her third child within a few months, the second by Matt Pokora. “You and Me + 3”, wrote the mother of Violet and Isaiah in the caption of a snapshot of the couple in front of a sunset and a snapshot of her son touching her stomach. But that’s not all ! The day after the live streaming concert he gave from the Seine Musicale in Boulogne-Billancourt … Matt Pokora put the ring on Christina Milian’s finger. As revealed by the magazine Public, the two lovers got married on December 9 in the greatest secrecy during a ceremony which took place in the town hall of the 8th arrondissement of Paris.

For the occasion, only a few people were invited by the couple: friends of Matt Pokora, his brother and his parents. And if they have not yet said anything about the best day of their life, they have repeatedly mentioned the possibility of saying “yes”. “It’s really nice to have someone who is confident and who can also be relied on and who is selfless. When you’ve been through a divorce, you don’t see marriage the same way,” Christina said recently. Milian, who was once married to rapper The Dream, on TV. It loses its luster – if that makes sense – but it could happen! It’s not something I’m pushing for, but I I am absolutely open to it. ” The mother-to-be continued by talking about their relationship: “It is built on respect for our families, for ourselves. We have mutual support. Nothing is really difficult between us, that’s what makes her so special. can be totally himself and me too “.

Matt Pokora: fatherhood has “changed his life”

And for Matt Pokora, this marriage also seals a perfect relationship. Very much in love with Christina Milian, the singer is impatient to meet the little brother or the little sister of his first child. Completely fulfilled by Isaiah, he also made tender confidences about his son on the Touche plateau not at my post on December 7th. “The positive side of this year is that I was able to spend time with my son that I would never have been able to spend in normal times”, rejoiced the singer, before confiding that fatherhood had “changed his life” : “We no longer wake up for the same reasons in the morning. When we come back in the evening, we are happy to come back, we are in a hurry to come back. It gives a new meaning to life”. In a few months, the little family will therefore welcome a new member. To the delight of parents, but also of little Violet and her little brother, Isaiah.

Christina Milian and M.Pokora © DOMINIQUE JACOVIDES

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