On December 9, 2005, Matt Damon said “yes” to Luciana Barroso, whom she had met two years earlier on the set of the movie Two in One. When she marries the actor in the feature film De si jolis horses – to be found this Sunday, June 27 at 9 p.m. on Arte – the young woman is already the mother of a girl named Alexia, to whom she has given birth in 1998. An adopted daughter for the movie star. Close to her, now a young student aged 21, he was worried to learn that she had fought against the coronavirus in 2020.

“Our oldest daughter is in college, she lives in New York. She contracted covid some time ago with a few of her classmates, they made it out. Everyone is fine …” Matt Damon said in an interview with Irish hosts Graham O’Toole and Nathan O’Reilly. Indeed, Alexia is the big sister of Isabella (born June 11, 2006), Gia, who was born on August 20, 2008 and Stella, who will celebrate her 11th birthday on October 20. A total of three biological children for Matt Damon.

Who has Matt Damon been with?

A tidy life for the person concerned, far from his past as a seducer. Indeed, before joining Luciana Barroso, he filled his CV in love with many conquests. Skylar Satenstein, Minnie Driver, Winona Ryder, Claire Danes, Kara Sands, Penelope Cruz … Matt Damon chained meetings and relationships before succumbing to the charms of his wife. From now on, he enjoys the comfort of family life as well as funny moments with his daughters. “I point out all my gray hair and show it to my daughters and say ‘this is you, there is you and there is you.’ They find it very funny, “he told People magazine in 2012.

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