A resounding scandal. This Wednesday, March 30, the British government apologized. The reason ? a damning report that reveals the deaths of 200 babies in a hospital in the North West of England could have been avoided with proper care and no stubbornness to avoid caesarean sections.

“To all the families who have suffered seriously, I am sorry,” said Sajid Javid, the British Minister of Health. The report which highlights the extent of this scandal spanning two decades “makes it clear that you were abused by a service that was there to help you and your loved ones give life”, he said. -he adds. The report, commissioned in 2017, looked at 1,592 reported incidents at Shrewsbury Hospital, involving 1,486 families mostly between 2000 and 2019. Nine mothers also died as a result of abuse. Others were forced to give birth naturally when they should have been offered a caesarean section.

“Significant or major” shortcomings observed in stillborn babies

In the 250-page report, there are particular cases of newborns with skull fractures, broken bones and brain problems due to lack of oxygen at the time of birth. In a quarter of the 498 cases of stillborn babies studied, “significant or major” shortcomings were also observed. In 40% of cases, no internal hospital investigation was carried out. The report says the maternity unit was pushing for natural births in an effort to keep its C-section rate as low as possible, and only resorted to it on very rare occasions.

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