On November 1, Crown Princess Mary of Denmark recently participated in the presentation of the 2021 Christmas Stamp. A situation without real surprise since she is the godmother of the Christmas Stamp Foundation. Note that this stamp was designed by Peter Bay Alexandersen, the illustrator. Julemærkefonden is literally translated “the founding of the Christmas stamp”. This is a Danish charity that operates 5 homes called “Christmas Stamps”. Its objective is to provide services to vulnerable children.

The Christmas Stamp is a share issued each year by the foundation. This in order to be able to finance its services. Since 1904, the foundation has issued this special stamp to raise funds for children residing in one of the 5 Danish homes. Note that each of its homes can accommodate up to 1,000 children. They will also be able to receive help there to resolve certain recurring problems such as loneliness, social isolation, bullying or obesity. Support for children that truly takes on the Christmas spirit.

Crown Princess Mary of Denmark, Christmas is firmly in her calendar

It must be said that the Crown Princess is indeed in the spirit of Christmas. In any case, his calendar is already there. Indeed, the daughter-in-law of Queen Margrethe II unveiled the Julemærke (Christmas stamps) on October 26th and the heart was at work. It is in total purple look that she presented herself at the gates of the capital in Roskilde. In addition to the pants set, his pumps and pocket were the same color. To break up her outfit, she chose a gray belted coat.

Moreover, it is in this same outfit that she showed up for her second engagement of the day. Indeed, the princess also went to the Copenhagen Stock Exchange to present the CSR prizes.

Princess Mary of Denmark © Ritzau Scanpix

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