Psykiatri Fonden is a Danish foundation operating in the field of mental health. It is a humanitarian organization which fights against mental illnesses. This foundation which aims to promote the mental health of Danes is headquartered in Copenhagen. Crown Princess Mary of Denmark is particularly touched by the invitation. According to Danish magazine Billed Bladet, the Crown Princess is proud to be the godmother of the foundation. She was asked to become the foundation’s godmother 16 years ago, according to BIlled Bladet.

The Crown Princess said she was incredibly happy when asked to be the sponsor of the Psychiatric Foundation. The topic of mental health is one that would really touch her. Since her engagement, the Crown Princess has taken part in raising public awareness of mental health. Psykiatri Fonden’s 25th birthday is a special day for the daughter-in-law of Queen Margrethe II.

Crown Princess of Denmark Mary is deeply involved in humanitarian work

Mary from Denmark was particularly moved during her speech at Psykiatri Fonden headquarters. However, mental illness is far from the only theme the Crown Princess is engaged in. No later than November 1, she attended the presentation of the Christmas stamp for the benefit of the Christmas Stamp foundation. The event was held at Copenhagen City Hall.

Julemærkefonden or the Christmas Stamp Foundation is a charitable organization providing services to vulnerable children. The foundation currently manages 5 homes, the “Christmas Stamps”. The issuance of a Christmas stamp has been carried out annually by the foundation since 1904. The purpose of the action is to raise the necessary funds to finance the services of the foundation. The organization can accommodate 1,000 children in each of its homes. These homes help children who are victims of social isolation, intimidation, obesity or even loneliness.

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