White notebook! After a year and a half of love and a crazy love story, Märtha Louise from Norway will marry the shaman Durek Verrett. In a long interview with Vanity Fair magazine, the friend of the stars has indeed revealed that the father of his companion, King Harald V had granted him his blessing to ask for her in marriage. An immense joy for the duo, who are convinced that they were destined to meet even before their births! A few months before her suicide, Ari Behn, the ex-husband of the Princess of Norway had confided to her that he knew she would end up with someone more spiritual and that he was happy that she was in a relationship with the shaman. So obvious for the two lovebirds!

For their part, the parents of Märtha Louise of Norway, King Harald V and Queen Sonja, must have thought about their daughter’s happiness, even though they had doubts about this relationship. And for good reason, they had in mind a very precise idea of ​​the kind of man their daughter would marry. “My dad has always said since I was little that we say we are true to who we are, otherwise what, people would see right through us, and I think he might have regretted it. having said many times, “said the princess, before adding:” Before Durek, my mother was worried because it had been three years and I had no boyfriend. When I told her that I ‘had one and she asked me who it was … I don’t know if I can say the same, to be honest. It’s very contradictory. Here in America, you’re more open to it . In Norway, it’s very, very, extremely controversial. I should be with a CEO or a lord or someone high in rank. Being with a shaman is very, extremely, terribly out of the box . It’s crazy.”

A very controversial relationship

Early in their relationship, Märtha Louise from Norway and shaman Durek Verrett faced a lot of criticism. And for good reason, many people were afraid that the guru was only interested in the fortune of his companion. While all is not yet won, the mother of three revealed to Vanity Fair: “Before meeting him, I never thought that there was racism in Norway because we are a whole open family. and happy. But basically there aren’t a lot of people of color in Norway, so that was a surprise to me. ”

Märtha Louise and Shaman Durek © Instagram

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