After a year and a half of romance, Martha Louise from Norway will marry shaman Durek Verrett. If the couple had been separated for six months during confinement, it was on the occasion of the 49th birthday of the daughter of King Harald V that her companion had surprised her by joining her in Norway. Inseparable, the couple took advantage of the end of the year celebrations to reunite with family. Thus, Martha Louise from Norway shared festive snapshots of her family, celebrating Christmas for the first time since the death of her ex-husband, Ari Behn. Indeed, the father of his three daughters, Maud Angelica (17), Leah Isadora (15) and Emma Tallulah (12), committed suicide on December 25, 2019.

On the occasion of the first anniversary of the writer’s death, Martha Louise of Norway, who is now overwhelmed with happiness, did not fail to have a thought for the latter. On Instagram, she said: “I just wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas. This year has been a very different holiday season because Ari, the beloved father of my three daughters, is no longer with us. He chose to leave this planet last year, that day. We celebrated his life today, we mourned his loss and how much we miss him. It was a day of love for all that is. LIFE strikes us all. We cannot avoid it. We must meet it. I reach out to all who struggle during the holidays. Know that you are loved. Know that you are needed. Know that you are worth it. help you can get. Please ask for help. Please express how you feel. You are loved. “

A special Christmas party

A few days later, it is by sharing pictures of her daughters, but also of a beautiful photo where she poses alongside Durek Verrett that the young woman once again had a thought for her ex-husband , for whom she keeps a deep affection. “These holidays were a little different from previous years, but we also managed to capture the holiday spirit. One of the most important things we discovered as a grieving family after Ari, the father of my wonderful children committed suicide a year ago on Christmas day, was to welcome love, happiness, fun and play in addition to the sadness that cannot be avoided when the we are in mourning, ”she began. In her post, Martha Louise from Norway added: “If to be sad and to sink into sadness and mourning is to expire, happiness, love, embrace the spirit of Christmas and so on, it is breathe. As we all know, if we only breathe out, we die. If we only breathe, we will die too. So we need that balance of both and let ourselves be paused with sadness, mourning, tears and darkness, without shame or bad conscience is really important. Allow yourself to feel happiness, have fun, enjoy, laugh, connect and love in difficult times (…) So if he please be kind to yourself and see yourself from the point of view of love embracing everyone. “

Martha Louise from Norway and Durek Verrett ©

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