Every year, it’s the same routine. Tom McAlister offers the same gift to his wife Jean for Valentine’s Day. A tender attention that has lasted for 61 years and that reminds them of beautiful memories.

Tom McAlister is a man in love. For 61 years, this former British sailor has offered the same Valentine’s Day gift to his wife Jean. A humorous card that reads: “Dear Valentine. If you become mine and make all my dreams come true, I’ll help you save every penny of yours – and I’ll help you spend them too!” It all started in 1960 when the 81-year-old retiree sent her his very first card anonymously. At the time, he was stationed in Singapore and had completely fallen in love with the one who would become his future partner. As you can imagine, the latter did not remain insensitive to its charm.

Jean, who was 17 when she met Tom, who was 20, was very surprised to discover that she had a secret admirer. Captivated by his beautiful stranger, the young sailor did not hesitate to propose to her. “I had no idea it was his. After a few weeks at sea, he came back. He wanted to see me again and I said ‘yes’. The following night, during our first date, he m asked to marry him. I must have made myself desirable so I said ‘I’ll think about it’ – but he asked me again every night and after two weeks I finally said ‘yes'” confided Jean daily The Sun.

An adorable habit for Valentine’s Day

Tom and Jean, originally from Waterlooville in Hampshire, England, therefore united shortly after their meeting. The two lovebirds subsequently had three children named Glynn, 59, Carol-Joy, 57, and Wayne, 55. “Throughout these 60 years the map has always been on our fireplace mantle wherever we’ve lived. Our kids think it’s silly but I think it’s romantic. I love it madness for that.” Oh, love ! No doubt that on this Monday, February 14, 2022, Jean will once again have received his pretty card for Valentine’s Day.


Married for 61 years, he gives his wife a very special gift every year for Valentine's Day
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