He stayed for more than 5 months alongside his mother’s corpse. In Reims, in the Marne, firefighters made an unexpected discovery this Friday, October 28. That day, a social landlord went to one of his apartments because he had no news of his tenant, a 75-year-old woman, reveals L’Union. For lack of response, he then decided to alert the firefighters.

Arrived on the spot, the latter discovered the decomposed corpse of the septuagenarian, on a couch, in “a totally unsanitary apartment”, according to the public prosecutor, Matthieu Bourrette. In the home was also the son of the deceased, a disabled adult, who had never declared the natural death of his mother a priori. He was initially taken into custody. But the autopsy ruled out the criminal track “a priori”, according to the magistrate.

The son of the deceased “almost never went out”

After being released from police custody, the son was hospitalized after being examined by a psychiatrist. According to a neighbor quoted by the daily, the man “was afraid to confront others, did not like to show off, almost never went out”. The latter also added that the septuagenarian never brought anyone into the apartment. “She didn’t want anyone at home: it was her choice, her way of life, and her son brought up like that did the same. When she ordered meals, which she did for the last few years because of her health problems , the delivery men had to drop them off on the landing and leave. Even we weren’t allowed in. During the Covid, twice, we were worried because she wasn’t answering the phone. called the fire department, the other time the Samu. She didn’t like it. She blamed us for it, telling us that if there was a problem, her son was there,” added the neighbor. The apartment will remain sealed pending the completion of the investigation and the cleaning of the premises.

Marne: worried, a landlord goes to a septuagenarian and makes a disturbing discovery

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