Marlon Brando had a very eventful love life: he had many companions and companions. But he got married three times. His first wife was Indo-British actress Anna Kashfi. They married in 1957 and divorced in 1959. They had a son, Christian, born in 1958. The actor’s first wife had a fairly short film career and died in 2015 in the United States. To the press, questioned about their couple a few years before his disappearance, she confided: “My marriage with Marlon was hell. He cheated on me with women and men”. In 1960, he married American actress Movita Castaneda for a second time. Together, they had two children, Miko, born in 1961, then, Rebecca, born in 1966, a few years after their divorce. Movita had a very successful career between 1930 and 1955, and on television she had an important role in the West Coast series.

In 1962, he married Tarita Tériipaia, a Tahitian actress whom he noticed during the filming Les Révoltés du Bounty, in Papeete. It was love at first sight and he imposed it on production. She was nominated for the Golden Globes for her role as Maimiti and they had two children together, Simon Teihotu, born in 1963, and Tarita Cheyenne, born in 1970. Thanks to her, Marlon Brando discovered Polynesia, where he bought an atoll. But again, the marriage ended in divorce in 1972.

How many children did Marlon Brando have?

Marlon Brando had many children. One with his first wife, two with his second, and two with his third. He also had several children out of wedlock. He adopted three. Petra, born in 1972, who is the daughter of her assistant, Caroline Barrett, and novelist James Clavell. He also adopted Maimiti, the biological daughter of Tarita Tériipaia, born in 1977, and Raiatua, born in 1982. He had three other biological children with women who were not identified by the press: Stefano, born in 1967 , Dylan, born in 1968, and Angelica, about whom little is known. He had three children with his governess, Maria Christina Ruiz: Ninna, born in 1989, Myles, born in 1992, and Timothy, born in 1994. Out of 14 children, he recognized eleven.


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