Married for twenty-one year to Sunrise Coigney, Mark Ruffalo is a happy man. If together, the couple had three children: a son, Keen (20) and two daughters, Bella (16) and Odette (15), the actor had kept a terrible secret from his wife when she was pregnant. of their first child. In May 2001, he had a dream in which he found out he had a tumor. Confused that he was ill, Mark Ruffalo then went to the doctor. To reassure him, the latter had agreed to do an MRI. As a result, the star had a brain tumor the size of a walnut behind her left ear. Not wishing to worry his wife, the one who has played the Hulk since 2012 in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, had only revealed his illness to his best friend. And for good reason, he wanted his loved ones to focus on the birth of his unborn son.

Shortly after Sunrise Coigney gave birth to little Keen, Mark Ruffalo broke the news to his wife. If thanks to surgery the actor got rid of his tumor, his doctor had told him that he had an 80% chance of losing his hearing and a 20% chance of losing his facial nerve. Following the operation, he will thus have fought for ten months against the paralysis of his facial nerves. Very affected by the disease, he then chose to move to New York, far from the limelight. Her recovery had been slow and the steroids had made her problems worse. He explained at the time, “The recovery really tested what I was made of as a man. It also became a blessing in disguise, over time.”

Mark Ruffalo has been married for over twenty years

Despite the hardships, Mark Ruffalo and Sunrise Coigney are still in love. Friday, September 17, 2021, it is on Twitter that the actor wanted to pay tribute to his wife. “Happy birthday to you, my friend, partner, lover. I am so grateful to you. It is an honor to know you and to be with you over the years of our life, you become more and more beautiful, remarkable and exciting at every turn of our world. Happy, HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!! “he shared.

Sunrise Coigney and Mark Ruffalo © Elizabeth Pantaleo

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