In 1998, it was at the age of 28 that Marine Delterme became a mother for the first time. Ten years later, it was with Florian Zeller that the actress gave birth to her second child, a little Roman. In an interview with Paris Match, the one who will soon be featured in the Manipulations series on France 2, explained: “With my two sons, I am at the forefront on adolescent fragility.” Informed about harassment and drugs, Marine Delterme assured: “We must tell parents, love is not enough! With my first, I did not see things coming. He ate well, slept well, I did not understand … With the second, I was very vigilant: learning to recognize tiny signals, a veil of sadness, a good-natured facade … What a responsibility to constantly observe! It is a priesthood! “

Discreet about her private life, it was in June 2020 that the actress made a magnificent declaration of love to her sons on Instagram. “Being a mother has been my greatest adventure. Thank you Gabriel and Roman. Our struggles, our dreams, everything belongs to us. And the nostalgia for the empty room, when you leave our lives, even a little,” she shared. Three years earlier, it was in the columns of Télé 7 Jours that Marine Delterme had confided: “They send me to waltz regularly. It’s hard for artists – whose constitution in essence is not in a pinch – to raise someone. Because education requires very deep and very square convictions. We grow together with all of this. ” After assuring that she was a wolf mother, she added: “I am lucky to have sweet and kind sons. Gabriel really wants to write and become a journalist. Roman is already very square and scientific. . “

Marine Delterme: “I remain very vigilant about the dangers of the Internet”

Very involved in the education of her children, the actress had unveiled: “At 10 years old, Roman does not yet have a cell phone. But I remain very vigilant on the dangers of the Internet, as well as on school bullying . With Gabriel, my first son, aged 21, I could see what was happening in middle school and high school, when he was still a schoolboy. ” Finally, she added: “As a parent, it is important to be attentive to the behavior of your children, because, very often, when you are harassed, it is difficult to talk about it. You even see victims passing by. to act and destroy oneself without giving visible signs. To fight against this scourge, it is essential to talk about it and to listen to our children. “

Marine Delterme © JACOVIDES-MOREAU

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