Her face went around the world… Thursday, November 23, 2006, Marina Litvinenko lost her husband, Alexander. This former Russian agent had been poisoned by a radioactive substance, polonium 210, introduced into his tea by two Russian secret service agents. Before taking his last breath, he had appointed Vladimir Putin as the sponsor of his murder. On Wednesday January 18, 2023, Liberation spoke with the widow of the former Russian agent, on the occasion of the broadcast of the series Polonium murder, the Litvinenko affair, on M6. “She kept the same haircut she wore in the winter of 2006, when her face first appeared on screens all over the world,” it says.

During this portrait, Marina Litvinenko said she sees herself as “a typical, ordinary Russian, middle-aged mother.” If she had considered starting a new life with another man, in Germany, this one was taken away by a lightning cancer in 2018. Evoking Alexandre Litvinenko, whose diminutive is Sacha, she let it be known in the columns of the magazine: “ I had never thought of another relationship, Sacha is still in my life, it’s not easy for another to find a place, and yet he was there. Not wishing to mope, Marina Litvinenko added: “I was lucky. I loved and was loved. I feel privileged.” Today, the widow of the former Russian agent still lives in London and continues to give dance lessons online.

Marina Litvinenko: “I’m always very surprised when people recognize me on the street”

In April 2022, the widow of Alexander Litvinenko granted an interview to the Daily Telegraph. Referring to their son, she said: “Anatoly was definitely traumatized by the death of his father. But he was very protective of what he felt inside. only as he got older did he start talking about it.” Today Marina Litvinenko and her son plan to work on a joint memoir about the murder of Alexander. “When we write these memoirs together, it will be interesting to hear perhaps for the first time his feelings about what happened, from his perspective,” she said. For the Telegraph, she had indicated that she was often arrested in the street. She had thus confided: “I am a very reserved person, and I am always very surprised when people recognize me in the street, even if they are always very polite and generous. What I do in public, I do it for my husband, but it doesn’t come naturally.”

Marina Litvinenko: what becomes of the widow of the ex-Russian agent poisoned with polonium?

Marina Litvinenko © BORDE-JACOVIDES

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