A date marked forever … Thursday, May 19, 2022, Marina d’Amico revealed on Instagram to be pregnant with her first child. In the caption of a snapshot where she appears with a well-rounded belly and a pair of baby shoes in her hands, the ex-candidate of The Voice had written: “Today I am 28 years old. , I open the most beautiful chapter of my life.” Monday, May 23, 2022, the singer wanted to talk about the discovery of her pregnancy. “To be completely transparent with you, I had been trying for a few months to get pregnant, but like many, every test: negative. So I spoke about it with caring people who told me not to put pressure on myself and it will come when it comes“, she first confided.

Referring to the discovery of her pregnancy, a few months earlier, the singer shared: “We were in the middle of The Voice adventure with Matteo (one of his students who participated in tele-hook, editor’s note), when I had vomiting during his week of ordeal, obviously I put it down to stress.” When in doubt, the young woman took a pregnancy test, which turned out to be negative. “A few weeks later we were there for the Supercross Battles, and I was a week late on my period. I thought to myself, let it happen, it’s happened to me for up to five days. The last day before leaving, I couldn’t open my test, so I asked Matteo to open it, and that’s when I saw the two lines… Panic on board!” , she recalled. So Marina d’Amico’s first instinct was to call her friend Caroline Costa. She said: “She came, urgently, and that’s when I burst into tears. ‘You have life in you darling, do you realize that? You’re going to be a mum!’ These words made me feel so good, and are so unusual in my daily life that I couldn’t hold myself back!”

Marina d’Amico: “The baby is due in October”

After announcing that she had immediately returned home to announce it to the dad, the singer confided, “Now the countdown is on! When people ask me if I’m ready, I just want to answer that I’m not ready, but I can’t wait to get to know this little being.” Moved, Caroline Costa wrote in the comments section: “Waaaaaaah throwback that sends shivers through my body… This moment will remain engraved in me for eternity… I love you! Tata Caro loves already this very strong little being of love!” Friday May 27, 2022, Marina d’Amico confided in her pregnancy again. She thus revealed: “I find that it is still difficult to see my body change, I who have always been used since childhood to tuck in my belly, there… Impossible! The cheeks that fill up… The baby is scheduled for October, acceptance will be long…”

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