Arthur Miller was born October 17, 1915 in New York City: he was a playwright, writer and essayist. Son of a family of Jewish Polish immigrants, his father was successful in his profession as a tailor of women’s clothes, his mother was a schoolteacher. In 1940, he married Mary Slattery, but the union ended in divorce in 1956. It was that same year that he married Marilyn Monroe! The famous writer had met her in 1951, and at the time, he was the celebrity. The one who wrote Death of a Salesman in 1949, had come to Hollywood to visit his friend and director of his masterpiece, Elia Kazan, when he met the gaze of the sublime blonde.

After this first meeting, the beauty and the brain, as the newspapers of the time headlined about their union (The beauty and the brain), found themselves at the end of 1955. They were married in the house of Arthur Miller. in Roxbury, Connecticut, a week after the announcement, June 29, 1956. Two days after their civil marriage, Rabbi Robert Goldburg converted the actress to Judaism for the couple to unite religiously. Unfortunately the two personalities divorced on January 24, 1961. Until her death on August 5, 1962, Marilyne Monroe kept her Siddur and a Menorah (a seven-branch candlestick). Her prayer book was auctioned in New York City in October 2018, for an estimated price of between $ 100,000 and $ 150,000.

Did Arthur Miller rebuild his life after his divorce from Marilyn Monroe?

On February 17, 1962, Arthur Miller married Inge Morath, an American photojournalist: the two met while reporting on The Misfits. Together, they will have two children, Rebecca and Daniel. According to biographer Matin Gottfried, Daniel was born with Down’s syndrome and his father placed him in a specialized institution in Roxbury, a small town in the United States. The latter never visited him, unlike his mother. Strange fact: Marilyn Monroe’s ex-husband does not mention her son in his autobiography, Timebends, published in 1987.


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