Marilyn Monroe: Have the Causes of Her Death Been Elucidated?

Immortal icon, Marilyn Monroe still fascinates crowds, almost 60 years after her disappearance. Is it due to his unique presence on the screen? To her dazzling beauty? Unless it is about its ambivalence so pronounced, oscillating between provocation and fragility? No one can really explain why Norma Jean Mortenson is so passionate, but her late – when she is only 36 – and mysterious death undoubtedly plays a role in the myth that surrounds the actress. On the night of August 4 to 5, 1962, Marilyn Monroe was found dead in her home in Brentwood, Los Angeles. It is her psychiatrist, Doctor Ralph Greenson who, called by the actress’s housekeeper, is the first to lay eyes on the star inanimate in her bed, naked, one hand resting on the phone. The official version given by the forensic pathologist is suicide, following the discovery of a strong presence of Nembutal (the ancestor of the sleeping pill) in Marilyn Monroe’s body. Yes but now, several strange elements make tick the public as the investigators. Why did the psychiatrist and the housekeeper let 4 hours pass before calling the police? Why was the quantity of Nembutal detected in Marilyn’s body so high? It would have been enough to kill 10 people, according to experts. And what about the fact that the housekeeper cleaned the actress’ room just before the police arrived? Or the disappearance of the star’s telephone record? The absence of any trace of powder or pill in Marilyn Monroe’s body, suggesting that Nembutal would have been injected? But in this case, why several empty boxes of the annoying sleeping pill enthroned next to the star’s bed? Endless gray areas that give way to the craziest theories. Writer Donald Spoto raised the possibility of a medical error leading to the accidental death of Marilyn Monroe, caused by treatment administered by Ralph Greenson and incompatible with taking Nembutal. But for many, it is an assassination disguised as suicide.

Suicide or murder?

Who would have wanted to kill Marilyn Monroe? We cite the FBI or the CIA, who would have wanted to silence the star following his romance with John F. Kennedy. Elements of the investigation also revealed that Marilyn Monroe was wiretapped. Among the sponsors, we also cite the mafioso Sam Giancana, the psychiatrist Sam Greenson, but also Robert Kennedy, the brother of the former president of the United States, who, according to some convoluted theories, would have been present during the fatal injection. of Nembutal administered to the actress.


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