60 years ago, Marilyn Monroe died in sad circumstances. The American star has not had an easy life and has repeatedly appealed to shrinks to try to overcome his discomfort. In 1956, while filming at

London for The Prince and the Dancer, the icon took the opportunity to visit Anna Freud, the daughter of the famous Sigmund Freud, the founder of psychoanalysis, as RTL reminds us. a work from which the psychologist will draw the following conclusion: Marilyn Monroe suffers from “emotional instability, cannot stand loneliness, tendency to depression in the event of rejection, paranoid with flare-ups of schizophrenia”.

Marilyn Monroe knew how to be grateful to Anna Freud. The actress has, in fact, put the Freud Foundation in her will, bequeathing to her 25% of her fortune and her future royalties. A legacy which, even today, relates to the foundation since the business around the actress generates around 10 million euros per year thanks to the many brands that still use her image. It must be said that the icon of American cinema had a special relationship with Sigmund Freud. At 21, she read The Interpretation of Dreams. She also almost starred in her biopic. Originally, the film had been entrusted to Jean-Paul Sartre who wanted to play Marilyn Monroe in it. But Freud, secret passions will finally be done without him and without the actress.

If Marilyn Monroe is currently in the spotlight, it is because this year, a sad anniversary is celebrated: that of the 60th anniversary of her death. The pretty blonde died on August 4, 1962 at the age of 36. However, years later, his death continues to be talked about. In The Marilyn Monroe Mystery: Untold Conversations, a documentary released last April on Netflix, essential information about the circumstances of her death was revealed to the general public. The official version is that the body of the American icon had been found dead at his home by Eunice Murray, his governess. However, an ambulance driver tells another version in this documentary. According to the latter, Marilyn Monroe was still alive, although unconscious, at her home in Los Angeles, when help arrived. She was then transported by ambulance to St John’s Hospital. It was during this trip that the 36-year-old actress finally died. Her psychiatrist, Ralph Greenson, present in the vehicle, would then have made the decision to bring the body of the young woman home where it would not have finally been discovered until the early morning of August 5.

What are the causes of Marilyn Monroe’s death?

As for the causes of his death, they would be linked to a large intake of sleeping pills. According to the New York Times, Marilyn Monroe, or Norma Jeane Mortenson of her real name, was found with, next to her, an empty bottle of sleeping pills. At the time, the newspaper also added that 14 other bottles of sleeping pills were on his bedside table. During the autopsy performed on August 5, 1962 by Dr. Thomas Noguchi, this conclusion was confirmed. The coroner wrote that Marilyn Monroe died of severe barbiturate poisoning via an overdose by ingestion. A second doctor, Dr. Theodore Curphey, had come to confirm this diagnosis with the American press agencies. “I have concluded that Marilyn Monroe died of an intentional drug overdose and the cause of death was likely suicide,” he said.

However, the thesis of suicide has often been called into question, in particular because of the relations that the American icon maintained with the Kennedys. The author Frank Cappell had also returned to the link between these links and the death of the actress in his book The Strange Death of Marilyn Monroe. In 1982, the investigation into his death had been reopened because of several elements not sticking with the thesis of suicide. But the conclusions have, once again, confirmed the death by suicide of the actress.

Marilyn Monroe addicted to shrinks: that big check she wrote to Sigmund Freud's daughter

Marilyn Monroe addicted to shrinks: this big check she made to the daughter of Sigmund Freud © TWENTIETH CENTURY FOX

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