Since she was a mother, Marilou Berry has known unconditional love … and permanent anguish. On November 14, 2018, the actress gave birth to her first child, a little boy named Andy and born of her love for the artist Diamond. And since then, Josiane Balasko’s daughter has been living a daydream. But not only. Like most parents, she is also very worried about her son. This is what she was able to observe during the filming of the series My Angel, in she shares the poster with Muriel Robin. In it, Marilou Berry plays the role of Gabriella, a policewoman who meets Suzanne Brunet, a mother looking for her daughter, Julie, who disappeared eight years ago. A particularly trying subject.

“When you have a child, at least for me, it’s more of a huge anxiety. I had the impression of entering a matrix where you see all the numbers of horrible things that can happen”, a -she explained to the cameras 50 minutes inside this Saturday, January 1. And if this role is important to her, the story the series tells is cause for concern. “We say to ourselves: ‘It’s incredible that I survived and I will have to help my child to have the same path’, she added. There is this kind of anxiety to escape statistics, in fact. ” On the set of Mon ange, Marilou Berry shot a particularly complicated scene, where they “recover a body in the lake in the rain”, as she explained to TF1.

Marilou Berry mother of “an easy little boy”

It is also perhaps because of the concern that motherhood represents that Marilou Berry does not wish, for the moment, to give Andy a little brother or sister. The actress prefers to savor the childhood of her son, who made his first return to school last September. “New rhythm for the next 15-20 years has started! Fun fact: my son goes to the same school as me … with the same teachers that I had, rejoiced Josiane Balasko’s daughter on her Instagram account. I have favorite of all my life! ” A touching story for this mother hen, who is lucky to have “an easy little boy who takes care of his toys very well”, as she explained to Gala.

Marilou Berry © TF1

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