Prince Harry is still ready to defend his memoir, a month after their worldwide release. The latter, who launched a spade at his father Charles III, was invited this Saturday, March 4, to a question and answer session, for which people had to pay in order to view it. Meghan Markle’s husband spoke with Dr. Gabor Maté, an expert in trauma and childhood development. He spoke at length about his drug use.

On cocaine, the Prince said quite honestly: “It didn’t do anything to me. It was more of a social thing. It gave me a sense of belonging for sure. It also made me feeling different from what I used to feel, which is kind of the point,” he confessed. Unlike another known drug, which would have done him good: “Marijuana is different, it really helped me,” he explained.

Prince Harry “It gave me a feeling of liberation”

During the session, Harry, whose children are collateral victims of his big unboxing, confided to having also consumed psychedelics, in particular ayahuasca. He reported how good it was for him at that time: “It was cleaning the windshield, cleaning the windshield, removing the filters from life just as much as Instagram, those layers of filters. It took everything away from me and brought me a feeling of relaxation, liberation, comfort, a lightness that I managed to keep for a while. I started doing it recreationally, then I started realizing how good it was for me. I would say it’s one of the fundamental things in my life that has changed me and helped me deal with the traumas and pains of the past.” he delivered.

Harry is obviously referring to the death of his mother. The young dad opened up about the subject extensively in his autobiographical book Spare, which has also become the UK’s best-selling non-fiction book since recordings began after its release in January. The Prince recounted his many conflicts with the royal family, the violent behavior of William, who reacted very badly, during an altercation between brothers, but also the way he experienced the death of his mother.

Marijuana, cocaine…: Prince Harry makes rare confidences about his drug use

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