It is the unit dedicated to unsolved serial crimes of Nanterre which is in charge of this case. In December, the investigators agreed to reopen the file of Marie-Michèle Calvez, who died in 1994. This 40-year-old woman was found dead, burned to death in her car. To this day, his murderer has still not been found. The reopening of this file was possible thanks to the courage of his sister. “She never gave up. She was always in the fight, relaunched justice, publicized the case”, summarizes Me Didier Seban. “It’s a wound that never heals since we still don’t know who is behind the murder.”

Marie-Michèle, a commercial in the field of insurance, was reputed to be a true professional. “We had to go before Marie, otherwise it was grated,” said a former employee. Without a companion, she lived alone in a house inherited from her parents. But according to some statements, the forties had a lover whom she was to see on the evening of her death. She will never come to the meeting. “Even if the hypothesis of the intervention of a serial killer passing through Finistère at that time must be studied by the Nanterre pole, according to the lawyer, the theory of a local killer has even -there was privileged. In the entourage close to the victim, the interrogations are increasing”, explain our colleagues from RMC.

Many avenues to explore

There was also another suspect: a neighbor of Marie-Michèle who could have had feelings for her: “He had felt unwell, had made half-confessions.” “I’m not a monster, I just held her back, I wasn’t violent,” he told investigators. But he went back on his statements. For now, investigators have multiple leads to explore.

Marie-Michèle Calvez: twist in the investigation into the forty-year-old found burned in her car

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