Marianne Faithfull: affected by Covid-19, the singer makes a terrible revelation

The coronavirus can sometimes leave long aftereffects. Last April, singer Marianne Faithfull contracted a very serious form of Covid-19. After testing positive, she was hospitalized for several days in London. “She overcame and survived so much in her life – including being Marianne Faithfull – that to be carried away by a virus would be such a tragedy”, wrote the icon of the Sixties on her social networks. Months after being able to return to her home, the singer still has significant after-effects from the coronavirus. In a moving interview with the Guardian, she recalled her three-week stay in a unit reserved for patients with Covid-19. “All I know is I was in a very dark place – it was presumably death,” she said in the interview, recorded largely before catching the virus. Today, Marianne Faithfull confides that her “lungs are still not doing well”.

To compensate for the reduced activity of her lungs, the singer must take regular oxygen. “A doctor came to see me and told me that she did not think that my lungs would recover one day”, added the artist, very anxious not to be able to sing again: “I may never be able to ever again sing, maybe it’s over. I’d be incredibly upset if that was the case. ” True to herself, Marianne Faithfull does not want to lose hope. Faced with the after-effects from which she suffers, she still hopes for a “miracle”, as she explains in the columns of the Guardian. Because in addition to respiratory problems, the singer suffers from intense fatigue but also “incredible” memory loss. “I remember the distant past very well. These are the recent things that I do not remember, she describes to the British media. You cannot know how terrible it is.”

Marianne Faithfull remained in hospital for 22 days

After having lived an unbridled existence, but also having suffered from breast cancer, Marianne Faithfull contracted the coronavirus last April. Quickly transferred to the hospital, the artist had been taken care of before being able to find his home. On social networks, his team then regularly gave news of the icon of rock music. “We are really happy to report that Marianne was released from hospital today, 22 days after being admitted with symptoms of Covid-19,” the 1960s rock icon’s Twitter account said. She will continue. his convalescence in London. ” The admirers of Marianne Faithfull could then read: “Marianne thanks you all for your touching messages of attention. She is also very grateful to all the staff of the NHS (British health service Editor’s note) who took care of her at the ‘hospital and undoubtedly saved his life.

Marianne Faithfull © LIONEL URMAN

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