In 1994, Mariah Carey released the song All I Want for Christmas is You! If the latter holds many records and has been listened to more than a billion times on Spotify thanks to its festive rhythm, the singer was not always so happy at Christmas. If she wanted the holidays to be perfect, her dysfunctional family ruined Christmas for her as a child. In an interview with The Mirror, the star explained, “I always wanted Christmas to be perfect and looked forward to the holidays, but I had this incredibly dysfunctional family that would ruin it. Not my mom. She was trying. to make it fun. ” Openly, Mariah Carey revealed, “We didn’t have a lot of money, so sometimes she would wrap fruit because that was all she could afford. I was like, ‘When I grow up, I will never let that happen. I will make Christmas perfect, every year. ‘”

Today, Mariah Carey enjoys the Christmas season because it allows her to forget about the difficult things that have happened to her in the past. For Entertainment Tonight, the singer explained: “In my memoir, I talk about the fact that when I was little, having grown up without money and being mixed race, there are things that I did not even tell my best friends. When I brought up Christmas in my book, I thought, ‘Oh wait, I don’t want to demoralize people, because this is all pretty depressing.’ But that’s why I’m still so invested every Christmas, every year. I just want my friends to have a great time, and honestly that is all a little bit to me too. “

What Christmas songs does Mariah Carey listen to?

A few weeks, it is in an interview with the Chicago Sun Times that the singer revealed which songs she listened to during the holidays. “I listen to a playlist of thousands of Christmas songs from so many different albums that not everyone might be familiar with. I love the Jackson’s Christmas album, always Nat King Cole and the one of my favorites, Donny Hathaway. Even ‘The Chipmunk Song’ is on the playlist! “she revealed.

Mariah Carey © Instagram

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